You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Cute Stitch Design become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our embroidery designs, knows they are getting an adorable high quality design worthy of the cutest baby in the world.

∼ Nina Markley ∼ Founder & Designer  Cute Stitch Design

Before I created Cute Stitch Design, I worked as a seamstress. Sometimes my customers asked me to embellish children’s clothes with an applique.

I always had trouble…

to find an applique design that I would really love. Some designs were poor quality, others were not so special or cute enough for an adorable baby. Then there were designs that did not have proper instructions or color charts to easy follow.

Finally I give up…

I decided to create my own images and digitize my own designs. I absolutely fell in love with creating my own unique designs.

Then one day…

I thought maybe somebody else is trying to find charming applique designs with reliable quality and easy to follow instructions.

I was concerned…

that I am not a real artist. Would people really like my designs?

But then…

some of my customers told me that my designs sparked a smile and heartwarming feeling. I was deeply touched. That’s when I decided I wanted to make every baby and parent feel that way and Cute Stitch Design was born.

I decided…

I would set out to create the most adorable and unique designs for the most loving parents and cutest babies in the world.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined. There were a lot of unexpected technical challenges to present my designs in the most convenient way for my customers.

I would have to…

learn general things about Photoshop, photography, different types of files, computer and etc.

Just a little bit about creation process:

All of my images are original art work. All designs were drawn and digitized manually by myself with minimal jumps and thread changes. For the applique designs, all of the fabric pieces are sewn down first, then the satin stitches and details follow. All of it makes your process of embroidery faster and more convenient. I tested all designs to ensure the highest quality.

But still…

I feared no one would like my designs.

Through it all… 

I released the first products and the response has been amazing from everyone who sees them.

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